Advice when going on holiday

Having a disability doesn’t mean you can’t have a great holiday, wherever you want to go. With any holiday, in Britain or abroad, it’s a good idea to do some planning to make sure the travel and accommodation arrangements suit you and your specific disability needs. Get in contact with tour operators, hotels and the attractions you want to visit to find out what facilities they have. Communicate your needs before you book and your holiday will run smoothly without you having to worry about your disability issues. Or why not take advantage of the numerous holidays which cater especially for people with disabilities? There is a world of choice out there.

Planning is essential

Although some attractions you might want to visit whilst on holiday such as historical buildings will still have areas which are not accessible if you’re in a wheelchair, you’ll find most tourist attractions now have extensive disabled access. Even the places which you thought you’d never be able to see now often offer partial access for people with mobility problems. Visit their websites and find out. The more planning you do, the more you’ll get out of your trip. If you’re travelling within Britain, the Rough Guide to Accessible Britain is out now and will prove a fantastic investment.

Don’t compromise

If all this planning seems like a lot of hard work, you’ll find there are some perks for disabled people when going away. Why not take advantage of cheaper rail travel. Find out if you’re eligible for a Disabled Persons Railcard, which allows you up to 1/3 off rail travel and discounts on the London Underground. Above all, don’t compromise. Choose a destination you really want to go to. Now more than ever, there are facilities which will cater to your needs so that you can get as much out of your trip as you can. Enjoy yourself!